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The Connecticut Kids Closet

Buy and Sell from Tummy to Teen!

Please visit us at our new site:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Children’s Consignment Sale / Event?

A children’s consignment sale is an organized event where anyone can sell their new or gently used children's/maternity clothing, toys, baby and children's equipment, books, video, nursery furniture, etc. It is also a great way for anyone, whether they have items to sell or not, can buy quality children's or maternity items at great prices.

Do I have to set up a table at the sale and run it myself? Who can participate?

No, you do not set up a table or booth to consign. You do not even have to be there at all on the day of the sale. The sale is run just like a traditional store would. You will bring your items ahead of time and they will be grouped with similar items (not a table per consignor).

Can my organization do a fundraiser with you?!

Yes! Register your organization as a consignor with one number assigned to your organization. Collect, price and tag the items from your group and enter them on-line. Drop them off at your scheduled time. Your organization will get 60% of the price of your items that sell. You will receive a check made out to your organization within 2 weeks of the sale.

What items will be accepted to consign?

· Clothing! In season (Spring/Summer at the Spring sale, Fall/Winter at the Fall sale) children’s clothing and accessories (No women or men’s). Items should be clean, and in new or gently used condition with no stains, tears, or excessive fading or piling. Girls to size 16 and boys to size 20.

· Baby Equipment strollers, exersaucers, highchairs, pack-n-plays, etc.

· Baby Care Items boppy pillows, monitors, safety products, baby carriers, etc.

· Toys-. Toys and games must have all pieces and be in working order. No Happy Meal toys or giveaway toys.

· Sports – uniforms, footwear, equipment

· Books, video games, DVD's, Puzzles, etc. (Everything should be rated G, PG, or PG13). Please no VHS tapes.

· Furniture and decor- Changing Tables, Rocking Chairs, gliders, Bassinets, Dressers, toddler beds, Bunk Beds. Items such as nursery lamps must have working light bulbs. You must assemble these when you drop off your items. Cribs must be manufactured AFTER June 2011 and have proof of manufacture date. MUST be verified at drop off to have no recalls.

UpCycled Closet - Household Items: New or like new items still in the box preferred. No tiny knick knacks or "tag sale" like items. Household items will be checked upon check in and you will be told it they are acceptable or rejected. Please don't be upset when we reject an item, we have limited space and must be very picky about what we choose to go in this section. No "fabric" items like curtains, tablecloths or bedding. Think "up!" Like new or new items. Limit 20 "UpCycled" items.

Item Restrictions

· Baby clothing size Newborn to 12 months are not being restricted this coming sale, but please try to minimize the total in these sizes. Why is this? Most new parents receive more baby clothes than they ever can use. After many years of selling, we have discovered very few of the tiny sizes actually sell. Pick your best and your brightest! Having our racks in these sizes uncluttered will allow people to shop with ease and choose from the best of the best!

Junior items Please make sure they are actually clothing that will be attractive to teens and not "adult" clothing in disguise. Typically, junior items have odd numbered sizing 1, 3, 5 and so on, although that is not always the case. Small, Medium, Large junior sizing is usually a more narrow cut than misses/women's of the same sizes.

· Maternity clothing is allowed, but please limit to the higher quality, excellent condition items. Nursing tops are sometimes sought after.

· For safety reasons, we cannot accept car seats unless they are brand new and in the box.

· No used underwear (must be new in original package)

· No open consumable items such as baby food, formula, diaper creams, etc.

· No used baby feeding equipment (must be new in original package)

· No crib/bed mattresses, unless they are brand new in a package.

· No Plush/Stuffed animals unless they “do” something. Build a Bear accessories are accepted

What about recalls?

You must check your items at and

What are the benefits of consigning / shopping?

· Money - You can make up to 75% on your sales - much more than at traditional tag sales/garage sales or at traditional consignment or resale shops. And you will get great deals shopping!

· Pre-Sale Shopping - Consignor volunteers get the best quality and name brand merchandise by shopping prior to the public sale at our pre-sale event!

· Reusing / Recycling - We all help our environment when we keep what we can out of landfills. Also secondhand items are often safer in that they no longer emit the "fumes" that new plastic and paint do.

· Charity - Unsold items and the money they generate can be donated to local charities.

· Fun - Spend time with your friends and meet other parents in the area!

What Supplies will I need to consign?

· Hangers- Plastic or wire hangers (child size ones for anything size 5 and below).

· Safety pins- Larger size to pin on the tag. Please see link on "How to Sell" Page for tagging with a safety pin.

· Zip-lock bags- Various sizes depending on what you are putting in them. You may need the large 2-gallon ones.

· Clear packing tape or blue painters tape. The blue tape is easier to remove and leaves less damage to items.

· White Card Stock for Tags- Please do not use regular paper as the tags can rip and fall off.

Tagging Gun - To be used on seams and tags only! Please do not tag directly through the fabric. Please ask before you use a tagging gun for the first time. If you put it through the fabric you will ruin your clothing.

What happens to my unsold items?

You have a choice to either pick your items up or to donate them to charity. Although we are allowing most unsold items to be donated at the end of the sale, please contact us in advance about large furniture or equipment pieces. There are a limited number of charities that can pick up extra-large items, and I must rent a truck to be able to drop them off if they don't fit in my personal vehicle.

If you choose pick up your unsold items at the end of the sale, you must pick your items up on Sunday between 6 and 7 pm. You will need to sign a form verifying that you have picked up your items.

If you choose to donate your items, the myCM tagging system will require you to also choose "yes" to the Sunday discount option. This increases sales and decreases the total number of items being donated to charities at once. Although they appreciate donations, it takes volunteers and/or staff to manage a lot of donations at once.

Any items left at 7:30pm on Sunday night that are not marked “donate” or do not fit the donate category are considered abandoned. These items become property of The Connecticut Kids Closet. If you abandon your items or leave large items you will be charged a $25 disposal fee.

Why is this?

We plan our truck by the number of items marked “donate” after the sale is locked. Any additional items might require hiring an additional truck or in the event of large items, disposal fees.

What happens to my donated items?

Your unsold items will be donated to charities such as the New Milford Thrift Mart, Danbury Women’s Center, St. Vincent DePaul, local foster families and local thrift shops.   

Where will unsold items be donated if I do not pick up? (Abandoned Items)

Abandoned items become property of The Connecticut Kids Closet to donate or recycle as they choose.

How do I become part of the team and what are the benefits?

When you are registering, click on "Team Member" and sign up for up to 3 three shifts. Shifts are 4 hours long. Most of the shifts require a moderate level of physical activity. If you have limitations such as a medical condition, please contact me prior to committing to team member shifts. I can discuss the level and types of activity positions require. Team Members also can shop our presale for free!

What other ways can I help?

Please spread the word to everyone you know about the sale! The more people know about it, the better the sale is for everyone. Also any connections you may have as far as advertising, supplies, operations, etc., please let us know. We would love to barter with you!

How do I get to shop at the pre-sale?

Pay at the door on Friday night or. you can also become a consignor team member and join the team!

Are you interested in becoming a Vendor?

Please click on our link on the How to Sell page to find out more information. Vendor spaces are limited!!

Feel free to call or email with any question you do not see an answer to here! [email protected] . You can also check out our new website and find us on Facebook!